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Carpet Cleaning

The Carpets in your home are so much more than just something to walk on. It's where your little one learns 
to crawl, where your family lays inside their blanket forts, and where your pet lays down for a midafternoon nap. None of which is quite as comfortable on a hard, wooden floor. Your carpet is what gives your family
a sense of warmth and relaxation. So why would you go years without giving your carpets a thorough
deep-cleaning? Getting your carpets steamed cleaned once a year and regular vacuuming will help ease
your concerns on what is going on in your carpets, and instead you'll be more focused on the family movie night that's going on, on top of them.

Being just one of three companies in WNY that were given the CRI seal of approval, you can expect the greatest service with the cleanest results. Our non-toxic, biodegradable products ensure the safest cleaning for your family. We use oxygenated products that will revive your carpets and remove spots.

Call us today at 716-866-5702 to discuss the needs of your carpeting.

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OxyScrub wants to help you get the cleaning that is right for your home. Call us today to discuss the needs of your carpeting!

Basic Cleaning

This is a plan for the budget minded individual. It is recommended for those customers needing a complete Oxy-Cleaning of carpets but not concerned with deodorizers (odor problems) or with reapplying any fabric protector.  

Our basic cleaning includes:

- Pre-vacuuming

- Spot cleaning

- Precondition

- Hot water rinse and extraction

- Grooming of carpet pile

Premium Cleaning

This plan is recommended for those customers who desire a complete Oxy-Cleaning of carpets with a deodorizer that removes stale odors and leaves the room smelling fresh.

Our premium cleaning includes:

-Everything covered in the basic package

- Dusting of baseboards

- Move most furniture

- Professional deodorizer

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OxyScrub offers three packages for our residential carpet cleaning. Packages are charged per room, so feel free to mix and match depending on each area's needs. Aren't sure which package is best for your home? Call OxyScrub today at 716-866-5702, we'd be happy to help you choose.

Deluxe Cleaning

This plan is recommended for those customers who love their carpet and want to keep it for years to come. It includes all the benefits of the Premium Package and reapplies the carpet protection with our geniune 3M Scotchgard Protector to protect carpets between cleanings.

Our deluxe package includes:

- Everything covered in the premium package

- Application of our genuine 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protector to give your carpet the protection it deserves between cleanings.