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Trust OxyScrub to give your area rugs the proper care they require.

Area Rugs

Remember finally finding the rug that seemed just right for your home? Maybe you purchased it so that your newborn would have a soft place to lay or maybe it was something to just cover and protect the hardwood. Whatever the reason, you picked out the rug you thought was best to complete the room. So how is that rug doing now?

Whether it has some dirt from normal traffic or it has suffered from spills and wearing, OxyScrub can bring life back into your rug. We take special care and time to clean each rug to ensure the best results possible. Our technician will go over the use of the rug, any areas of concern, and expected outcomes with you prior to its cleaning. Our environmentally friendly cleaner is gentle for your rugs and shows great results. We don’t just go over the cotton fringes while cleaning the rest of your rug. We take care in the fringes by using a special cleaner and brush the fringes flat to dry.

Area rugs require a care and concern greater than that of a regular carpet. Trust OxyScrub with your rugs. We know you’ll be pleased. 

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