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Whether you're looking for a once a year cleaning for your home or are in need of regular maintenance plans for a commercial setting, OxyScrub can take care of your needs. Call us today to see what we can do to help your needs.


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Our family started OxyScrub for a few very simple reasons.

Over the years, as we've had our own homes cleaned, we discussed the fact that we've never had that 'wow' feeling when a carpet cleaner came to our home. We've never had a loyalty to any one cleaner and really never understood why one cleaner was any different than another!
One day, not long ago, several articles pertaining to 'Green Cleaning' caught my eye and I felt that there was merit to cleaning with environmentally safe cleaners. With the advent of 'Oxy' cleaners, it made sense to me that if oxy was so terrific cleaning clothes, that it would work for carpets as well. 
Thus, the beginnings of OxyScrub Carpet Cleaners. We researched the cleaning industry, tested cleaning products and 'oxy' products from suppliers nationwide, and settled on a brand of products that are highly effective at cleaning, environmentally friendly, and safe for pets and children. 
All that was left was to find a team of people who were friendly, trustworthy and had a burning desire to provide knock-your-socks-off customer service, and decide on the best place to start the business. 
Why start in Western New York? Simply because WNY is home. 
We think you might consider us because of our Green Cleaning options and our 'Oxy' products, but we KNOW you will stay with us again and again  because of our knock-your-socks-off service and results.

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